The TurboAir Drying System® uses a turbine to create a vortex of evenly-warmed dry air, and it creates a lot of it. In a typical 25’x15’ enclosed downdraft spray booth, the air is usually moving at speeds of 1,000-1,200fpm (feet per minute) down the sides of the vehicle, and around 260-400fpm across the front and rear.

As mentioned this air is dry and warm. Because it is dry it will typically cut the booth’s humidity level in half compared to the air outside the booth. Also, because it warm it will evenly heat up the vehicle’s metal temperature resulting in easier spraying and a better quality paint job, as well as further aiding the dry times.

Because the TurboAir Drying System® uses a relatively small electric motor as its sole power source, its electrical usage is only $0.45-0.90 an hour. It doesn’t use your air compressor at all, so you won’t be constantly taxing your expensive air compressor and significantly shortening its life. Also, because of the heat provided in the air, you’ll find that you don’t need to use your booth’s expensive gas heater nearly as often. All of this translates into a significant energy savings for your shop and thus greater profits.

The end result is 30-50% shorter dry times with waterborne paints while saving on your energy and operating costs at the same time. Based on real-world experience, your shop’s production can increase as much as 50%, and the TurboAir Drying System® will pay for itself in less than a year depending on your shop’s production.

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