What maintenance is required?

The only maintenance required is the following:

  1. Replace Turbine Air Intake Filter (Part # 6005) once every 45 days or sooner if necessary. Replacing with a non-TurboAir® filter will void warranty. Other filters may look similar but the airflow and filtration requirements do not meet Can-Am's specifications.
  2. Replace Turbine Air Cleaner Pre-filter (Part # 6005P) once every two weeks or sooner if necessary.
  3. Replace Turbine Air Cleaner Insert (Part # 6005I) once every three months.
  4. Replace Turbine Drive Belt (Part # 812634) annually or as needed.

Can we install it ourselves?

While we recommend professional installation, yes, the TurboAir Drying System® can be installed yourself. We offer an installation kit that includes all the necessary piping to plumb the system into your spray booth. The only thing you have to provide on your own is any necessary electrical components/connections.

Will all of this air movement create a problem with dirt getting in the paint?

We have not experienced any change in the amount of dirt kicked up in the booth when using the TurboAir Drying System®.

What type of electrical service is required?

The motors that typically come on the TurboAir Drying System® are compatible with 220V and 440V Three-Phase service, but we offer a 220V Single-Phase motor as an option if your shop is not equipped with Three-Phase electrical service.

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